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Welcome to Smell and Smile

Smell and Smile is a deluxe brand in the Middle East affiliated with UTUR AL TABIAH, a leading company in the field of perfumes and perfumery preparations since 2009. It provides a group of the high-quality and most advanced perfumery devices and air fresheners in the world, It holds many quality certificates such as the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SABER), Maarouf Certificate, IFRA, also Smell and Smile is the first company in the field of perfumes to obtain ISO 9001: 2015 certification.
It has dealings with the world’s top perfume brands and serve more than 15,000 clients in the Gulf countries, the Arab world and many other countries,
Registration number : 1010276409

The Perfumer

Christian Provenzano is one of the most renowned perfumers in the world, distinguished by his exceptional talent and respected by top perfumers globally.

For Christian, his life has been a journey of discovery and inspiration, driven by spiritual creativity. This journey has yielded remarkable success over the past forty years, working with some of the most famous brands in the industry.

The secret behind his globally acclaimed fragrances and numerous awards lies in his commitment to excellence. He has embraced a philosophy of always striving for the best.

Christian's journey began as a child in Morocco, where he was surrounded by an environment rich with exotic scents. The diverse array of aromas that enveloped him as a young boy ignited his passion and curiosity, propelling him to delve into the essence of scents. This early appreciation led him to understand the world of essential oils.

As a young adult, he received training in an Indian perfumery house, honing his skills as a perfumer. Through his global travels and exploration of rare gems and elements, he developed his extraordinary talent.

Now, after embarking on numerous milestones in his pursuit of passion, Christian resides in Dubai. He continues to successfully present his innovative approaches to fragrance design, blending his expertise with the finest and oldest known ingredients. He has the ability to create new fragrances of exceptional quality, embracing current trends, and setting new standards in the evolving world of perfumery.