Harmony Aroma Blend

  • Top Notes: Lavender, Mandrian, Galapenum
  • Middle Notes:  Jasmin, Oris, Rose
  • Base Notes: Apricot, Vitifar, Vanilla, Misk
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Harmony Essential Oil:

An aroma and fragrant breezes of lavender and the fragrance of jasmine with galbanum. A fragrance that summarizes all the warm feelings and fades slowly to show in the middle soft and warm notes of the fragrance of jasmine and irises blossom with rose petals and the ends of the scent is the fragrance of vetiver with the apricot to elevate you to a place filled with love, tranquility and calm.

Soft notes make you feel warm and romantic and are ideal for use in homes and special moments.

About Smell and Smile!

Smell and Smile is a deluxe brand in the Middle East affiliated with Scent of nature, a leading company in the field of perfumes and perfumery preparations since 2009. It provides a group of the high-quality and most advanced perfumery devices and air fresheners in the world.

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