Basil is the royal herb

The basil flower possesses the beauty of the shape and the magical scent, which makes it top the lists of beautiful flowers. The basil flower belongs to the Lamiaceae season. It is of great value in many medical and aromatic fields, in addition to its elegant shape. Basil was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an in Many Surahs.

It has been sung by poets since ancient times

As for you see basil gifted Hamama from him sometimes
We think it is in its glory and the dew is an emerald carrying coral

Basil essential oil

Basil essential oil is used in many fields because of its many benefits and uses. This magical oil is extracted from the basil plant.

It is used in the manufacture of aromatic products and the manufacture of emollients

It is used to perfume clothes and furniture by placing it in the folds of brushes and clothes

The smell of basil helps to reduce stress caused by fatigue.

It has been known since ancient times, and doctors said about it in the past
If he inhales, he dissolves what is in the brain from the corrupt moisture and the mixtures of the chest, and if he drinks its water

Inhaling the smell of basil has a good effect on the nervous system, as it reduces depression and helps to overcome insomnia and stress.

Types of basil

Basil has many types; we will mention some of them

Greek basil

A purple plant with pink flowers that is grown in the spring and summer seasons. The length of the plant is approximately one meter. This type is drought-resistant.

Cinnamon basil

Its pink flowers are small in size. As for its leaves, it is serrated and shiny. It is of a dark green color, in addition to purple veins, and it has a distinctive aromatic scent.

French basil

It has green leaves and a distinctive and sweet flavour.

American basil

It has white or pink flowers. As for its leaves, it is green and smooth. As for its taste, it is similar to the taste of anise. This type of basil is used in cooking.

How to grow basil

First, you must choose a sunny site because the basil plant of all kinds prefers to grow in the land exposed to direct sunlight, and the land must be saturated with organic matter. The seeds should be placed at a depth of about 0.6 cm. After a week, the seeds will grow, but the basil must be watered periodically.

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