Break free from the ordinary and resort to flowers

the best aromatic species

Flowers with aromatic scents are a distinctive and beautiful addition to the place in which they are located, and some of them have a light scent that can only be inhaled closely, while others have a pungent odor that fills the placeى and to enjoy the scent of fragrant flowers, they must be planted in the garden or next to an open window, and it is preferable to place flowers They are kept away from each other so that the scents do not mix together.

The best types of flowers with aromatic scents
The scent of jasmine flower

There are approximately 200 different types of jasmine flowers that share a pungent aromatic scent.

Among the most important information related to jasmine flowers are the following:

flower shape:

Jasmine flowers are tubular below, ending in fan-shaped divided petals, mostly white, and some varieties yellow and pink.


Most jasmine trees have climbing branches, and some types of their flowers have evolved to have multiple layers of petals, some are evergreen and others are deciduous.


The scent of jasmine is common in perfumery and aromatherapy.

Sweet pea flower scent:

The sweet pea flower is one of the beautiful annual flowers that has a special appeal.

One of the most important information about sweet pea flowers is the following:

flower shape:

Sweet pea flowers come in a variety of shapes and shades, from pearly white to purple, and the flowers are winged and delicate.


It smells like honey mixed with an orange flower, which is the reason behind the popularity and spread of this flower.

There are other types of fragrant flowers, the best of which are:
Trumpet flower:

The upside-down flowers give off an aromatic, citrus-like scent, and the scent is more pronounced in the evening.

anise flower:

It is distinguished by its small purple and blue flowers and leaves, and it gives off a strong and pungent anise scent, and its leaves and flowers are edible.

Butterfly ginger blossoms:

Which is included in the lily flowers and is known as the white ginger lily, and it is characterized by pure white flowers that bloom throughout the summer days, and emits an aromatic scent similar to the scent of honeysuckle.

carnation flowers

The spicy smell of cloves is one of the most famous perfumes, however, care must be taken to be fragrant when obtaining it; As new varieties have been developed with larger flowers, and they bloom for a longer time during the year, but they are not aromatic.

Chamomile flowers:

Chamomile flowers have a pleasant, herbal scent similar to that of chamomile tea, and are often used in aromatherapy because of their calming effect when inhaled.

From the foregoing, we find that the smell of floral perfumes has become, with the passage of time, an important matter in order to maintain an improvement in mood in the simplest way.

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