Cherry blossom address spring

The cherry tree is considered one of the trees with a long life that may reach a century, and this tree is considered one of the most vibrant types of trees, as its bright colors make the viewer feel comfortable and calm, and the most amazing thing is when it is burdened with small, shiny red fruits with a distinctive taste.
The cherry tree has abundant production, you see it burdened with its fruits, which attracts the beholder, and it is characterized by the possibility of planting it anywhere, whether in farms or homes.

Cherry tree species

There are several types of cherry trees

Hybrid cherry tree

They are the result of a cross between sweet cherry trees and other types of sour cherry trees, the most famous of which is the Hornets tree.

Cherry tree for decoration

This type of tree is used for its beautiful view, due to its intense beauty, and it is one of the most famous and important types.

sakura tree

This type of cherry tree is grown all over Japan, as it is considered a symbol of beauty.

Cherry tree benefits

The fruits of this tree are of great nutritional value, and they help treat and protect against some diseases.

Cherry trees are also among the most famous trees that are used for decoration in private and public places, due to the sense of beauty, calmness and comfort that they give, so the State of Japan uses them in its streets and gardens and takes advantage of its aesthetic view.

The cherry tree is of a high economic value to the producing countries, due to its longevity and annual production intensity, which covers local consumption, and the rest is exported to all parts of the world.

Cherry fruits are used in some food industries, the most famous of which is chewing gum with a delicious cherry taste.

The origin of the cherry tree

The cherry tree belongs to the amygdala family of eukaryotes, and its cultivation is widespread around the world extensively, and in the period from late May to early July, this period is considered the period of reaping cherry fruits, and the period may change according to the type of cherry tree, and one of the most cultivated countries The cherry tree is Turkey, then America, Iran, Spain, Italy and others. Among the Arab countries are Lebanon, Syria and Morocco.

The scent of cherry is one of the most famous aromatic solutions

There are many aromatic solutions that include in their composition the delicious and refreshing cherry scent of these solutions

Sara aromatic solution

Smell & Smile offers lovers of carefully selected aromatic scents that give the soul vitality and vitality, Sara solution with a magical effect, as it is an impressive mixture that smells of the best aromatic scents.

Sara’s Solution Ingredients

Top notes: lemon, bergamot, mandarin.

Middle notes: black currant, jasmine, rose, magnolia, geranium, cherry.

Base notes: amber, musk, patchouli, vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver.

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