Eliminate bad odors at home

The problem of home smell is one of the problems that many people face, and everyone, without exception, desires a beautiful home smell throughout the day

One of the most important ways to get rid of bad smells

As we know, there are many natural, simple, and general ways to get rid of unpleasant odors, including the following


Lemon has become one of the most important ingredients that are used to get rid of bad smells, and as we know, lemon is available in every home, so all we have to do is cut a simple piece of lemon and put it in the place where the smell is, and it will absorb the unwanted smell.

Vanilla powder

The smell of vanilla is a favorite scent for many people, especially when used in the field of cooking. As it is an effective and very important ingredient for removing these odors, and all we have to do is add a little pure vanilla extract powder on a piece of cotton and then wipe the light bulb with it, and when the lamp lights up, it gives off heat, so the vanilla scent begins to emit and get rid of all odors stink

Sodium bicarbonate

This substance works to eliminate unpleasant odors in the kitchen or bathroom. For example, to remove the smell from the bathroom, we put a dish in which a small amount of the solution is placed, as it begins to get rid of it. Also, a little of it can be mixed with water and then clean the floors with it


Coffee helps you to hide odors easily and simply, all you have to do is put a few coffee beans in the areas where the smell is emitted, and the smell will quickly begin to disappear.


Vinegar is used to remove lingering odors in the house or even in household cleaning tools such as the dishwasher.

Herbs, spices and citrus peels

We all know that these ingredients are ideal and effective for perfuming the house, and the method of using them is simple and easy, which is boiling water in a pot for a specified period with the addition of ginger, cloves or basil as desired, and then the water molecules with one of the ingredients mentioned start to evaporate and spread the beautiful smell in the house.


Charcoal helps to reduce unpleasant odors from internal appliances and cabinets. This is done by placing some pieces of charcoal in a plate and spreading them around the house. to absorb all unwanted odors, and it must be ensured that the charcoal is pure and does not contain liquids.

In short, a home that smells good is an example of cleanliness and the best evidence of caring for its owners. Keep your home clean to feel fresh and energized

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