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You can order our products from the Smell and Smile online store


or visit our branches or the authorized distributors inside and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: 

  • Riyadh (Main branche) 00966920003918
  • Al-Kharj:  00966595693055
  • Qassim:  00966555981348
  • Jeddah:  00966545358474
  • Mecca:  00966559340498
  • Taif:  00966500065076
  • Khamis Mushait and Abha: 00966545358474
  • Dammam, Khobar and Jubail: 00966554153552
  • Medina: 0096655893023
  • Yanbu: 00966502002037
  • Al-Ahsa: 00966558601114
  • Jizan: 00966535200207

Watch AC100, AC250, AC600, AC Home, A601 setup videohere

Watch the C200 setup video here


To download the Smile and Smile application mentioned in the video:

Android version:


For iPhone:


You can experience smelling essential oils through a sample bag with our sales representatives in all regions of the Kingdom, or by visiting one of our showrooms.

This is done by determining its area in square meters by multiplying the length by the width, and the Smell and Smile representative can visit the place and suggest the appropriate device.

Yes, all prices in the online store include the value-added tax

Yes, all devices are provided with a 3-year warranty from the date of purchase.

The devices work with advanced nanotechnology, as they spread the essential oil in the form of tiny atoms, which makes it spread quickly in place with less essential oil consumption.

Shipping typically takes 1-3 days, and it may extend to 5 days for cities that are far from our centers.

For operating the device for 12 working hours per day, the degree of pumping is 12 out of 20, the package is enough for 30 days.

No, the essential oil is bottled on its own without any water or alcohol additives

Yes, but the device will lose the guarantee, since the essential oils of Smell and Smile are pure and do not affect the devices.

Replacement or refund in the case of a defect in the quality of the product or the merchandise.

If the goods and merchandise are in violation of the standard specifications.

Consumers have the right to replace goods, merchandise and assets within the time limit adopted by the shop policy.


You can refer to the consumer rights guide for more information.