Flower core

Flowers are a beautiful addition to our environment wherever they are found, and people around the world gather to love flowers, their scent and their shape, as they are a beloved symbol of beauty, love and joy, and they are also a unique and ideal gift for various occasions, we can find many types of flowers that differ in their scents, shapes and colors, and there are flowers It is the aromatic base that goes into the composition of various perfumes.

Types of flowers used in the perfume industry

It has a distinctive shape and has a pleasant aromatic scent, which resembles the scent of jasmine mixed with gardenia and the scent of citrus. Distinctive perfumes are made from tuberose essential oil. Tuberose flower is used to decorate wedding parties and special occasions because of its beautiful shape and fragrant scent, as it is pure white flowers that bloom In the summer.

Gardenia flowers

The gardenia flower has a distinctive scent that is included in the manufacture of many perfumes. Its scent gets stronger in the winter season. It is preferred by many because of its symbols associated with love and giving. It is also a favorite in occasions and weddings. Because of its bright white color, one gardenia flower can fill the place smells lingering.

Queen flower

It is also called alicium flower, it has several colors, white, pink and purple, it blooms in the spring season, and it has a beautiful scent that goes into the perfume industry.

Jasmine flowers

Jasmine is a symbol of beauty and pure scent. It has a fragrant and refreshing scent. It has a special love in everyone’s hearts. It is used in the manufacture of air fresheners and detergents. Its flowers have a distinctive white color, which is used in decorating parties, as it has a distinctive character for many.


Among the flowers that grow in meadows and forests, unlike the various flowers that grow in farms and homes, and are used in the perfume industry, as they have a unique scent, which is similar to the scent of spring. .

Freesia flowers

International companies flock to manufacture perfumes extracted from this flower, as it has a refreshing scent similar to the scent of spring. It is delicate and gentle, symbolizing calm and beauty. It is also included in the design of flower bouquets on special occasions.

Pepper flower

Pepper belongs to the jasmine family. It has several climbing species, where white jasmine flowers gather at the top of the bush. The jasmine flower has a fundamental role in making various perfumes, as it has a strong and pungent scent that suits different tastes.
Flowers are always able to penetrate hearts because of their delightful shape and fragrant scent. Flowers fill the place where they are found with beauty and optimism, and they are the bridge between people’s hearts, as they are the perfect way to charge emotions with love and joy.

Ralf aromatic solution

If you are a fan of the scents of flowers and nature, Smell and Smile offers Ralph’s aromatic solution, which smells breathtaking for its beauty and attractiveness.

A masterpiece suitable for perfuming lounges , cafes, homes and special occasions.

The fragrance starts with bergamot and refreshing green apple with a hint of lemon.
In the heart, the fragrance reveals a whiff of jasmine with lily of the valley and violet.
At the base, the gentle scent of vanilla spreads, with a whiff of sandalwood and the best of musk.

It is a masterpiece. I advise you to try it. It is suitable for use in halls, cafes, homes, and special occasions.

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