Gardenia is a symbol of love and joy

The gardenia flower is a white flower in color, elegant and soft to the touch, it grows on green trees and its leaves are glossy white, and the shape of this flower is very beautiful and has a fragrant smell, which makes all people love it, They also decorated homes with it and presented it at weddings as a sign of purity and sophistication . It is worthy noting that the gardenia flower needs special care, so it is grown in homes that provide the appropriate environment for it.

Information about the gardenia flower

The gardenia flower was named after the Scottish botanist “Alexander Jardine” in his honor.

There are several sizes of this flower that differ according to its types, and it may reach a meter or more in length.

It grows in moist climates and moderate temperatures, with good indirect lighting.

There are two main types of its flowers, one with single leaves and the other with multi-layered, which is the most preferred because of the beauty of its shape.

The beauty of the gardenia flower is not only limited to its elegant and beautiful shape, but also because of its smell of a beautiful and distinctive fragrant scent.

Gardenia uses

Apart from being used for decoration and perfumery, it has many other uses, including:

The Chinese made herbal tea from this flower, and drank it with the aim of calming the nerves, strengthening the nerves, and ridding the body of diseases and toxins.
It is used in a dried and ground way and is added to food to give it a beautiful flavor.
The essential oil has been extracted from it, which is used to improve mood, stimulate memory and treat headaches.
This oil is used typically to treat skin infections, and to help massage joints with it to reduce inflammation.

Types of gardenia
stunted gardenia


They are small trees, and they are also evergreen, and their leaves are lance-shaped and dark green in color, and they have double flowers in white color, with a center button in the middle, distinguishing them with their fragrant smell, and they bloom in late summer and early spring.


This type is considered one of the oldest types of gardenia flower, and one of its advantages is that it always blooms. It reaches a height of approximately two meters, and a width of one meter. It gives double white flowers, and grows in a straight direction in a dense way.Its flowers are characterized by a strong aromatic scent.


It is characterized by its large size, with bright and dark green leaves, and large-sized flowers like roses, and it has a pungent and strong aroma. This type is one of the most flowering gardenias with green leaves, and it thrives in early summer and late spring.

Crown jewel

The core of the crown produces flowers of creamy white color, and its leaves are evergreen, and its flowers are characterized by a wonderful fragrance, and this type can grow in mild winters in protected gardens, so it collects many petals and grows in large numbers from midsummer until autumn.

In conclusion, we have known the most important information related to the gardenia flower, its uses and types.

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