How to make perfume

There are a lot of natural raw materials used in the composition of perfumes, and they find their primary source in the leaves of flowers, plants, trees, and fruits, but these materials must go through several rather complicated processes before extracting the aromatic components and using them in perfumes, let us discover through this connection how Fragrances and the various processes that allow us to obtain perfumes are made from natural materials.

Perfume industry is creativity and art before it is a profession:

Perfumers see that their profession is a unique creativity, just as this art is concerned with the things that our sense of smell seeks, and therefore they walk in a garden where there are many beautiful scents in search of inspiration.

Perfumers have at their disposal many raw materials and little more than a chemical or synthetic substance.

The chemical replaces what nature produces and exists as unique raw materials that nature does not produce at all.

There are many stages that perfumes go through in order to give us their final shape and beautiful scent, whether these perfumes were brought from plant parts such as petals, chemicals, or animal fats.

The stages of the perfume industry are as follows:
Assembly stage:

It is the first stage in the perfume industry. During this stage, the raw materials that will be used in the perfume industry are brought in. If the raw material is extracted from plants, then parts of the plants are harvested from all over the world.
But if the material will be taken from animal fats, here it is extracted directly from the fatty materials found in animals.

Chemical scented materials are also manufactured in chemical laboratories.

Extraction stage:

This is the second stage in the perfume industry, which comes directly after the raw materials needed for the process are collected, and it is the stage in which the essential oil is separated. The essential oil can be separated in four ways, which are as follows:

steam distillation.
Dissolution extraction.
the pressure .

Consolidation stage:

After the essential oils are extracted from the raw materials, the oils are ready to be mixed together, based on an innovative formula from the perfume expert.
It may take several experiments until a distinctive smell is reached.
After the scent is created, it is mixed with alcohol, and most perfumes are mixed with a mixture of water and alcohol, and this percentage varies according to the type of comfort and perfume.

Aging stage:

It is the last stage in the perfume industry. At this stage, perfumes mixed with alcohol are aged for a certain period until perfume experts are consulted in order to inspect the scent, and then they decide whether it needs more time or if it is correct.

In conclusion, perfumes have become indispensable in our times because they reflect the personality of the person who wears them.

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