Lilac flower, the legend of royal beauty and the symbol of love, happiness

The Lilac flower with Its breathtaking aroma always enchants hearts, calms, pleases and Awakens beautiful memories, and poets are often sung of Its beauty and charm, the beauty of its colors and fragrance.
Therefore this legend Is considered a symbol of sincere love and devotion, and lasting friendship.

The Lilac flower Is characterized by its distinctive pyramidal shape, its fragrant fragrance, and its multiple colors from Violet to pink, then red, yellow, and white.

It Is native to Eastern Europe and temperate regions of Asia.

The magic of the Lilac flower

The fragrance of the Lilac flower varies according to its types, lilacs have an attractive and cheerful aroma, some find It sweet because it gives joy and happiness, it has a strong, cheerful and heavy aroma.

Lilac essential oil Is used In many fields such as the manufacture of aromatic substances, cosmetic products and others.

Meanings of the Lilac flower

The meanings of the flower have varied over different eras, cultures and times.

In the Victorian era, the Lilac flower signified old love and fulfillment, as widowed women would wear purple as a farewell to their late love.

As for the Russians, they used to put a sprig of lilac flower on the newborn, thinking that it would bring wisdom to him.

Types of lilac flower

This flower has varieties and types, reviews of whichh include the following

Lilac Catherine Havemeyer (Catherine havemeyer )

It Is flowers with light green leaves, heart-shaped, characterized by its purple flowers that turn pink, and by its strong aromatic aroma, have a long flowering period.

Lilac Madame Florent Stepman ( Madame Florent Stepman )

The flowers of this species grow in dense clusters, with white flowers, giving the Spring Garden an attractive appearance with its characteristic white color.

Lilac Charles Jolie ( Charles Jolie)

It Is a very tolerant species for rainy weather, this variety blooms in the form of purple buds, and gives fragrant and purple double flowers.

What colors symbolize the Lilac flower

The Lilac flower Is seen by many as a symbol of love, friendship, a new beginning and a renewed spring, It also inspires confidence and strength, and each color has a meaning that distinguishes it

White lilac flowers symbolize purity and strength.

Purple lilac flowers symbolize spirituality.

Lilac flowers of blue color symbolize happiness and tranquility.

Purple lilacs symbolize deep feelings and passion, while light purple symbolizes old love.

The benefits of lilac perfume

The Lilac flower has a refreshing aroma with a high concentration and has a breathtaking aroma, so It adds a special Imprint to your personality.

The smell of lilacs helps people suffering from depression, and is relaxing,they are one of the flowers used in relaxation processes by aromatherapy.

Lilac’s message to you

Live with love, live with hope, and give love to everyone.
The Lilac flower also encourages you to continue friendship and love relationships, and to enjoy and continue the love you deserve, and not to regret a love you gave to a friend or lover.
Make your heart happy beautiful with the beauty of this flower,vibrant and hopeful you deserve the best.

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