Lotus flower masterpiece of flowers

As soon as you see the lotus flower, It will give you a comfortable feeling, as it has a fragrant aroma and is decorated with beautiful yellow flowers, pleasing to the breasts and relaxing to the souls, so It was nicknamed The Sultan of flowers.

Its immortality to this time for 2500 years now Is enough to prove how useful it is, the beauty of Its appearance and its fragrant smell.
The words of the poets about her and their description of everything beautiful and dazzling to the eye are also enough to shorten my words about the lotus flower.

The lotus flower Is an aquatic plant characterized by its long life, Its leaves spread directly on the surface of the water and their heads protrude In the form of seeds.

Characteristics of the lotus flower

The lotus flower has many meanings and magical properties, as the Egyptians believed that the lotus flower has the ability to rebirth and is a symbol of beauty and divinity.

The lotus flower Is also one of the most Important in Chinese and Indian cultures, as it Is considered a symbol of ownership and uprightness.

Types of lotus flower

White lotus flower

The white lotus flower symbolizes purity and purity.
Lotus flower possesses soothing properties that help to get rid of Insomnia well and promotes sound sleep.
The white lotus flower lives in shallow lakes and swamps.
The size of a white lotus flower is approximately ٢٥ a centimeter.

Tiger lotus flower

It Is an aquatic plant and has other names such as the Egyptian white water lily.
The Tiger lotus flower has an erect stem and many branches, its flowers are bright yellow in color.

Blue lotus flower

A beautiful flower that has many specifications, it blooms in the morning and floats above the surface of the water and then returns to dive at night.
The blue lotus flower Is native to along the Nile River and also there are parts of East Africa.
The type of this flower Is known for its civilization to the ancient Egyptian pharaohs.

The Lotus King

It Is the largest species of lotus flower, with a diameter of about ١٥ feet.
This flower has a breathtaking color and a unique aroma.
They often appear red on the inside and are snow-white on the outside.
She is known to be able to float and regulate her own temperature and bronzing.
This makes them able to adapt easily when placed In new places or environments.

The benefits of lotus flower aroma

The lotus flower has a romantic and calm aroma, so it increases the female splendor.

Its lively aroma Is considered a source of energy.

Its aroma is one of the scents that improves mood and reduces depression.

Lotus essential oil

Lotus flower essential oil Is one of the essential substances in the ingredients of most perfumes.

It enters the field of manufacturing personal care products of all kinds.

It Improves mood, increases peace of mind and calmness around.

It helps the body get rid of stress, anxiety and depression, it encourages you to breathe deeply.

Improves blood circulation, improves concentration.

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