Mint is a symbol of recovery

Mint has a distinctive aromatic aroma that lifts your spirits and optimism about life, as its smell has the ability to make you more active and strong, so we are always keen to purchase products that smell of mint refreshing.

In this article, here are the highlights of what you should know about the fragrant smell of mint.

Types of mint

Mint has a large family, perhaps the most important of its types

European mint

This characteristic species grows and multiplies in mountainous areas and has fragrant leaves with a strong, characteristic aroma.

Long-leaved mint

It Is characterized by serrated aromatic leaves and has purple or white flowers, has a fruity and aromatic taste.

A perennial herbaceous plant, which is widely found in the Levant, the Maghreb, Egypt and Europe.

Moroccan mint

It grows well In partial shade, grows quickly in sunlight, Moroccan mint is used In salad varieties, and the powder of Its leaves is used as one of the spices for the preparation of some oriental dishes.

Peppermint peppermint

Mint is distinguished by the colors of Its green leaves and red veins, gives purple flowers.
It has a sweet taste, so it suits all kinds of sweets and candies.

Lavender mint

The most beautiful types of mint are lavender mint, it has a distinctive aroma and is used for many fields such as the manufacture of personal care products.

The benefits of mint aroma

The smell of Mint is one of the distinctive refreshing scents, as it gives us a feeling of freshness and activity and gives us a feeling of comfort.

Many recent studies have proven that inhaling the aroma of mint for five minutes activates and improves memory.

The smell of mint helps to alleviate the symptoms of stress and insomnia.

Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint oil is one of the most famous natural oils with an effective effect, it is used In different ways and for many reasons.

Peppermint essential oil is also considered a safe natural substance, as it has been proven that the smell of peppermint has the ability to stimulate the secretion of the salivary glands, thereby it helps the digestive system in the digestive process.

It helps In improving the flow of blood circulation.

Peppermint essential oil extract

We can extract peppermint oil

First we have to wash the mint leaves well, the leaves are cut Into small pieces and then we put the mint leaves in a glass jar, and apple cider vinegar or glycerin should be added to the bottle, then we put the container in a dark place so that the sun’s rays do not affect it and reduce the shelf life of the oil.

We leave them for weeks and maybe it takes time from five weeks to eight weeks for the possibility of Use and we must filter it with a soft strainer to remove deposits from it
4. Finally, the oil is used after the completion of this process, and its validity lasts for six months if it Is kept away from sunlight.

Finally, here are the most important aromatic solutions
Goldas aromatic solution

With distinctive aromas of natural ingredients to enjoy the charming beauty of nature.

This creative combination is suitable for home and office perfumery


Top notes: grapefruit, mint with Mandarin blood.

Notes in the middle: spicy spices and cinnamon with Rose.

Base notes: wood, amber, Indian patchouli, leather.

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