Miscellaneous information about perfumes

Nowadays, perfume has become an essential part of our lives that accompanies us everywhere, and we are very confused about choosing a new perfume that reflects our personality and suits our tastes.

Firstly :
Perfume composition:

As we know that perfume contains three types of ingredients, a base note, an upper note, and a middle note.

Top note:

It is the first scent you inhale when you smell a perfume for the first time. It includes the top notes, which are at the top of the aromatic pyramid and can be referred to as spicy, woody, floral or citrusy.

Middle note:

Known for the results of the scent after the scent of the top note fades a bit, this scent that you experience is from the middle notes of the perfume, and it can be classified as spicy, citrusy, or sugary.

The basic note

It is one of the scents that reveals itself when the perfume concentrates on your skin and its temperature rises to the temperature of your body, and it may take an hour or so, then the real smell of the perfume will be a mixture of the base notes and the middle notes.

secondly :
Aromatic family:

As we know that each perfume has its own scent. Some of them are easily recognizable, but others are more similar, due to the similar basic ingredients and this leads to difficulty in identifying aromatic scents.

Third :
Surprising information about perfume ingredients:

Women can perceive smell more effectively than men, because the female brain contains 50% of the olfactory sensors.
Also, a number of scents can make you happy, because many experiments have proven that scents help improve mood, and in the forefront of these scents are lavender and vanilla.

Everyone has a special aromatic taste, because of the olfactory abilities that differ from one person to another, which explains the diversity of taste effectively between people and some.

Studies have shown that humans can distinguish 10 different smells.

The smell of perfume does not calm down, but the brain feels bored and makes the smell fade with the passage of time, as it considers it something that does not deserve attention, and therefore you feel it less.

In the end, we have explained to you aromatic information in the various departments and fields related to the world of perfumes, which will enable you to choose your appropriate perfumes.

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