Mix of flowers and fruits

People in general and women in particular are always looking for distinctive perfumes that suit their occasions and looks, and most of the options tend to scents associated with flowers and fruits, as they are often light and refreshing most of the time, and inspired by nature in all its details, and there are two types of nature perfumes.

Perfumes with a fruity aroma

There are many perfumes that derive their aroma from the aromas of fruits, especially tropical fruits, which enter into distinct aromatherapy industries, which are pleasant and refreshing scents.


This beautiful fruit appears in red, and it is quite popular in the perfume industry, it resembles the smell of citrus to some extent and mixes with a lot of fruits to give us the finest perfumes, it depends on them in the women’s perfume industry besides citrus and flowers.


It is one of the foundations of modern perfumes, it has a fruity and refreshing aromatic aroma suitable for men and women, and it is easy to combine the smell of coconut with the aromas of fruits and flowers, as it gives us a refreshing and pleasant aroma it is better to use perfumes extracted from coconut in spring and summer, they are fresh enough to give our day more freshness and comfort


It is a citrus that has a good effect in perfumery, its aroma is concentrated and strong, it is used as an introduction in perfumery, bergamot has a fresh and refreshing aroma that makes us feel soft and comfortable.


From sweet aromatic notes, which always catches the attention of perfumers, and it is spreading in Europe, Cherry has a refreshing aroma that spreads an atmosphere of vivacity and good mood, the aroma of Cherry is consistent with a lot of floral and acidic notes and is suitable for both sexes
The smell of cherry blossom is soft and endearing to many women, while the cherry fruit provides a pleasant aroma that suits men and provides a touch of elegance and beauty.

Orange blossoms

Orange flowers have a distinctive composition that enters the manufacture of many perfumes, in particular oriental perfumes, its aroma is fresh acidic, forming with floral notes characteristic aromatic notes.

Perfumes with the smell of flowers


One of the flowers that grow in Africa has an attractive purple color, has a refreshing aroma, and is one of the fragrant aromatic flowers.


It is the king of flowers, the smell of jasmine is characterized by being refreshing and fruity, it enters the manufacture of many perfumes, and it is one of the most expensive raw materials in the perfume industry, it has a special love in the hearts of many, its flowers have a beautiful white color.

Lily flower

The lily flower begins to bloom in the middle of summer, its aroma is fresh and lively, the lily flower enters the perfume industry after mixing with fruity aromas, its colors are beautiful and numerous, there are red, white, pink.


Marigolds have many types, including those that are permanent and grow all the days of the year, and some of them are seasonal and often bloom in winter, marigolds are characterized by their fragrant and fragrant aroma, which is included in the manufacture of some types of perfumes, it has several colors, including orange and yellow.

Gory rose

It is a plant of Syrian origin, sometimes called the Damascene rose. It has different colors, including red and white, and is characterized by its refreshing and fragrant scent. It is used in the manufacture of oriental essential oils.


Gardenia has a distinctive aroma that enters the manufacture of many perfumes, its aroma is refreshing and pleasant that helps improve mood, and it is a favorite among many as it symbolizes love and beauty, the gardenia flower has a bright white color as it blooms in spring.

Nature always enriches our life with everything that is beautiful, it gives us the most beautiful and gentle aromas, the smell of flowers and fruits that we derive from nature, is the biggest example of this, and it is the favorite of many.

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