Musk and its types

Musk is a natural essential oil, as it has the best and most beautiful scents, and its products are very pungent and fragrant, as it is used on a huge scale in the Gulf and Arab countries, especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Musk trade was one of the most important trades that was famous since ancient times until the present time in countries in the entire Arab world like the oud trade, perfume trade, Oud oil and others

In this article, we will learn about the methods of extracting musk and the best types of musk

Musk extraction methods

Musk is extracted from the deer by slaughtering it and reaching the musk gland in the deer’s navel, but this method may be universally rejected as it leads to the extinction of the deer

Or it may be collected from the rocks that the deer rubs against, as the musk gland rubs against these rocks, and we work to collect it in vials

There is another way to obtain natural musk, from the male deer, by making a very simple hole through which the deer gland is opened and then the musk is collected with a ladle, but this technique requires the male deer to be anesthetized with chemical anesthesia, besides that this process is very dangerous and It can threaten the life of musk deer

Musk is extracted from the third week of December to the third week of January

The best types of musk

There are many types of musk, and these types differ according to the source from which the musk was obtained. As there are various sources for extracting musk, which is an animal source such as black musk, a plant source extracted from plants such as American musk, and synthetic musk, which differs in its chemical composition from the composition of natural musk

Mouse catch

This musk differs from other types of musk, as it is extracted from a small animal found in Tibet. They are caught alive by hunters, after which they tie the mouse’s navel and tighten it to obtain the largest amount of musk

Taurus musk

It is the best type of musk found in oxen found in the northern region of Canada. This bull provides a large amount of musk. But not in the form of leather bags like antelope and deer, and it smells very good

Cannabis musk

It is a good musk with a pleasant scent, but it is inferior to the musk of the Tibetan antelope in colour, smell or substance. It is extracted from antelopes found in Qanbar, China

At the end of the article, musk of all kinds has been used since ancient times because it has many fields and has many health benefits

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