Names of incense and the most expensive types

It occupies a special place in the Arab cultural heritage, incense is an irreplaceable part of every Arab Gulf home, and this explains that the Gulf countries ‘ spending on incense products amounts to about 3 billion dollars a year.

Incense has many names, as it is known by different designations, depending on its use in each region or country, and its many names are due to the place of cultivation of each type of incense.

There are many types of incense, including expensive and high quality, and from the adulterated types of poor quality, so we will highlight in this article the most expensive and most famous types of incense used in the Arab and Gulf countries.

Meroki incense

One of the best and most expensive types of incense, this type of incense is extracted from the wood of perennial trees found in tropical rainforests by choosing wood that is saturated with OUD exclusively well.It is characterized by its brown color, smoke density, has a heavy weight and a heavy woody aroma

Blue incense

The most expensive types of incense are characterized by the permanence of its aroma, as it is slow-burning, its form is in the form of a heavy black strip, used in the palaces of princes and owners of Capitals, mosques and luxurious halls.
It is one of the most requested types of incense because it is used in many big occasions and its smell is the nicest

The benefits of blue oud incense

Its smell is considered one of the insect repellent scents

One of the most important benefits of blue oud is that it helps relieve headache and migraine

Helps relieve symptoms of stress and insomnia because its smell calms the nerves

Helps the body to relax and fall asleep in a calm sleep

The smell of blue oud stimulates blood circulation

Laotian incense

One of the rarest and most expensive types of incense, the reason for its name is due to its native Republic of Laos
It is characterized by the stability of the strength of its smell and its survival for a long time, as for obtaining and acquiring it, it is almost rare and only the rich can use it because of its high price.

Cambodian incense

It is a favorite Oud for fans of unique and high-quality types of incense, as it is characterized by its great saturation of fat and the hardness of its oud, the reason for its name is due to its native Cambodia, which is one of the famous countries in the production of oud, and the color of oud usually resembles the color of blue and brownish oud

The Cambodian has many species, but they share the same features and are known for their bright aroma and long durability on household furniture and clothing.

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