Pine and its importance

The pine tree belongs to the family of conifers, and these trees live in the northern hemisphere, and they can adapt to live in different climates, including temperate and subtropical, and these trees are characterized by a very high height, and most of them grow in well-drained acidic soils. Humans are often attacked by various fungi and insects, due to these factors, and specific species of pine have been placed as endangered plants.

The importance of the pine tree

The importance of the pine tree is as follows

The woods

Pine trees produce wood of different quality due to the multiplicity of its types. High-quality wood is used in the home furniture industry, while low-quality wood is used in construction, and low-quality wood is used in the manufacture of packaging boxes, and in the paper industry as well.

The oil

Pine oil is extracted from the leaves, branches, and cones of pine trees, and this oil is characterized by its distinctive aromatic smell, so it is widely used in the field of perfumes, cosmetics, and massage oils.

This oil has important properties as it is antibacterial, and it treats some skin diseases.

Pine oil is also an excellent antiseptic for removing mold and mildew.

Aesthetic view

Pine trees are planted in parks and gardens because they give an aesthetic look. Dwarf species are also planted in home gardens, and their cones are used in many ornamental works.

pine nuts

Soft white pine nuts are used in baking and cooking, as they are full of vitamins such as Vitamin C and A

medical importance

Pine seeds help treat some chest diseases, such as:
Cough and tonsillitis.

It also plays an effective role in fighting cold and influenza.

Types of pine nuts

There are many types of pine trees, and the following are some of them:

Aleppo pine

This cultivar is characterized by its resistance to drought. It grows in southern California. It has yellowish-green needle leaves. The tree is large in size, it can reach 19 meters, and it needs bright sun.

Austrian pine

It has a round top and a pyramidal shape, and is used in landscaping. It also grows in southern Europe, Turkey and Cyprus, with a height of 12-30 meters.

Pinus arcitata

A slow-growing, long-lived tree, it grows in the Rocky Mountains and is somewhat dwarf, reaching 2-9 meters in height.

Canary pine

The tree looks like an umbrella, and it is durable and lives in most soils, and reaches a height of 25 meters.

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