• Top Notes: Fruits, Flowers
  • Middle Notes: Hot Spices – Saffron
  • Base Notes: Sandal Wood – Vanilla – Amber – Oud
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White, Messi, and Oud..three things that have been dominating the first place for a long time.

A strong, smoky fragrance that perfumers succeeded In pouring their buckets Into and making it acceptable to the international taste..It Is oud, liquid gold, rare and expensive.

An irresistible scent, we chose to put It in the base of our perfume, along with vanilla, amber, and sandalwood, a rich, luxurious, and authentic combination..that combines the most expensive and finest beloved scents.

But before you reach the base, you must first enjoy the sweet and refreshing aroma of roses and fruits, fading elegantly to be Invaded by the smell of strong hot spices and saffron..mystery, excitement and suspense that make you enjoy your trip to the Middle East.

About Smell and Smile!

Smell and Smile is a deluxe brand in the Middle East affiliated with Scent of nature, a leading company in the field of perfumes and perfumery preparations since 2009. It provides a group of the high-quality and most advanced perfumery devices and air fresheners in the world.


220ml, 480ml, 980ml


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