Pine Aroma Blend

  • Top Notes: Herable Knots
  • Middle Notes:  Pine
  • Base Notes: Wood, Musk
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Pine Aroma Blend:

A wonderful balance and an aromatic creativity that consists initially of green herbal notes to bring romance and attractiveness and then it reveals in the heart of the scent a pleasant touches of pine scent, and finally is crowned with wood notes of musk 

A wonderful fragrance which is ideal for use in homes and special moments 

About Smell and Smile!

Smell and Smile is a deluxe brand in the Middle East affiliated with Scent of nature, a leading company in the field of perfumes and perfumery preparations since 2009. It provides a group of the high-quality and most advanced perfumery devices and air fresheners in the world.


220ml, 480ml, 980ml


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