Scents for spring

Poets have sung springtime throughout the ages. It is the sparkling beauty that covers the face of the earth once a year. This beauty does not please me except with wearing the bouquet of spring perfumes that I chose for you
There are many types and beautiful aromatic scents, and each scent has its own characteristics and characteristics. By following these tips, you will be able to choose the scent of perfume that suits your personality and will give you an irresistible charm

It is a bouquet of perfume

Floral fragrances

Most types of perfumes include flowers such as cloves, jasmine, gardenia, and orange blossoms, as this type is preferred by classic women, as it gives them an overwhelming femininity

Smells of oriental perfumes

These scents give a sense of warmth and romance, as they are among the strongest and most luxurious scents, and oriental scents are also suitable for parties and occasions. It consists of a mixture of musk, spices and amber.

Citrus perfumes

These refreshing perfumes are derived from citrus fruits such as mandarin, lemon, and orange. Most women prefer to choose this kind rather than the strong scent.

Types of herbal fragrances

Herbal scents can be obtained from mixing different herbs such as pine, juniper, and various herbs, in order to obtain an irresistible scent.

Fruity fragrances

This scent can be obtained from raspberry, peach, apple, and mango as well. This scent is popular and pleasant as many women prefer it. It is suitable for outings as well as for normal days.

Oud perfumes with a calm scent

Oud perfume is mixed with freesia flowers, lotus flower, Bulgarian and Istanbul rose, and these scents have more users around the world.

And don’t forget to specify your favorite type of aromatic material:

There is the heavy perfume, which is the oil extracted from the sap of plants and flowers, and it is concentrated and has a strong smell like oud oil.

And there is the diluted one, which is increased by a specific amount of alcohol, which is added to the essential oils to make them lighter and thus cheaper.

Likewise, when choosing any perfume, it is necessary to know the components of its elements, and we recall that there are several types of perfume, such as: acidic, salty, sweet, floral scents, herbal and natural elements, fruity scents, woody scents, musk and amber.

In conclusion, we learned in this article about the best types of perfumes and determining the type of spring aromatic material.

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