The difference between incense and oud

The smell of perfume has the ability to take you on a pleasant tour in the world of imagination and beauty, as it is like a magic card that allows you to roam and fly freely, and it is unfortunate that I did not pay attention to the effect of these fragrant scents, as Omar Ibn Al-Khattab said, if I had the choice to choose, I would not be a flower seller, if I missed it Profit did not miss the fragrance.


Incense is considered one of the finest types of incense that is recommended for use, due to its pleasant and refreshing scent that is suitable for lovers of nature and woody scents.
There is a strong connection between incense and Arab cultures, so it must be present in every Arab home
Incense is characterized by its constant scent, as it makes the heart alert. Once its scent is inhaled, it is burned to give off an aromatic scent that gives comfort to the soul, tranquility and calmness.
It is one of the most scents that give people positive energy and psychological comfort.

Incense was made from aromatic materials such as wood, sage, and others. Over time, some materials were added to the incense to strengthen and enhance its scent, and to keep burning for a long time and spread the scent completely.
There are many types of incense, with different specifications, as well as different names and characteristics.

Types of incense

Incense Malaysia

The Malaysian oud incense is the best type of incense that has a great place among the types of incense, due to its distinct fragrant smell, it is very famous among lovers of aromatic incense, and a large number of people compete for it because of its fragrant smell, and its spread in the markets in abundance, the type of Malaysian incense varies according to its smell and quality And the best type of it is the type that is characterized by the black dotted color.

Laotian incense

Laotian incense is one of the best and most luxurious scents. It was given this name due to the original home of the tree from which this type of incense is cut, which is the Republic of Laos, located in Southeast Asia, along with Thailand and Vietnam. Laotian incense is one of the most expensive types of incense ever. Due to its lack of presence in public places and markets.

Laotian incense is characterized by its fragrant aroma that lasts for a long time, and it is one of the best types of incense to perfume clothes.


When we talk about the scent of oud, we mean by it luxury and sophistication, as oud is an attractive and refreshing fragrance that increases its owner’s magical luster. Which has a beautiful scent.
The oud is extracted from a perennial green tree, with a height of up to twenty meters.

The difference between incense and oud

The difference in use, as oud is used in making the best perfumes for women and men.
Oud is slow burning and cool.

As for incense, it is used in celebrations and religious occasions, and many people also use it to relieve stress and help focus. Most people want to light it when doing their duties, as it stimulates the brain to think creatively.

In conclusion, we must admit that both the scents of incense and oud are among the best scents, and that they can add a fragrant scent and a magical and warm touch that makes the smell of the place more beautiful and affecting you and those around you.

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