The oak has a story with nature

The oak or oak tree is considered one of the most important types of evergreen trees, and it is perennial trees, and its age can reach four centuries to twenty centuries, and its length reaches 30 meters. It is widely cultivated in mountain peaks and cold forests, and even in the vicinity of home gardens in cold countries. .

The most important thing you should know about oaks

Oak trees have many species distributed around the world, especially in the northern parts of the earth, and the most famous of them are dyed oak, white oak, black oak, red oak and green oak, and most of these species do not begin to produce fruit until they reach thirty years, and the oak tree is famous for taking it as a national tree in many Of the great countries such as America, Germany and England.

Benefits of oak fruits

Acorns are rich in essential nutrients, but the nutrients in acorns may vary depending on the type.

Oak fruits are low in calories. It is rich in fiber and starches.

Acorns are a source of many vitamins and a good source of minerals.

Acorns are a rich source of antioxidants

Types of oak tree
White oak tree

It has slow growth, is characterized by its tall branches, gives wide areas of shade, and has distinctive round leaves with seven lobes branching out from each leaf to give us a shape like a crown. In the fall, these leaves turn from green to dark scarlet.
The white oak needs a lot of sun, prefers moist acidic soil, and is characterized by its large, round white oaks.

Black oak

The black oak tree is similar to the red oak tree, but there are some subtle differences that enable you to distinguish it, as follows:
The black oak tree is slightly smaller in size and can tolerate dry soil.
The leaf of the black and red oaks is similar, except that the color is darker and glossier in the black oak tree.

In conclusion, we see that the oak has its distinctive characteristics in addition to its fragrant smell, which interferes in the formation of many distinctive aromatic solutions, and among these solutions

Mike’s solution

Mike’s aromatic solution has a magical effect that gives the atmosphere a scent full of freshness and vitality that captivates everyone who smells it

The components

Top notes are blackcurrant, bergamot, and apple.

Middle notes of jasmine, roses, morocco.

Base notes are amber, musk, oak moss, and vanilla.

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