Tulips, the emblem of the sultans

The tulip flower has beautiful shapes and bright colors, as it resembles The Shape of an inverted Cup.
Its name comes from the Turkish word tulband, the first homeland that embraced it, and It was chosen as a symbol of the Ottoman state, it was painted on the clothes of the Ottoman sultans and decorated their palaces, mosques and furniture, and the Turks called it ( Lala flower).
One of the most fun things about growing tulips is that they can be grown in home gardens with ease, they do not need much care.

The Legend of the tulip flower

The tulip flower is known as the flower of love and fidelity because of the Iranian legend that says that there was a young man named “ferhard” who came to the news of his beloved, who is called “evil”, which prompted his great sadness and love for her to throw himself with his horse from the top of one of the mountains, and he bled profusely and bloomed a tulip flower where every drop of his blood.

Flower planting season

The growing season of Tulips Is with the onset of winter and rains, or late summer, and the season of their opening is In the middle of spring.
It does not need much care, it Is planted in a warm place and watered twice a week In the morning and evening.

Meanings of tulip flower colors

The tulip flower has many beautiful colors, including yellow, green, red, white, purple, blue and black, and each of its colors has a special meaning
The white color Is used to express apology.
The red color indicates pure love.
Purple color is used as a symbol of loyalty and devotion.
As for the yellow color, it provides an expression of welcome and congratulations.

Types of tulips

The tulip flower includes many varieties, including

Tulip Attila

With a very delicate and grainy aroma, its color Is dark purple with pink streaks, it possesses large petals with a long stalk.

Tulip Princess of Orange

With large bowl-like petals, they radiate a combination of warm colors of bright orange, reddish purple and warm pink.

Tulip apricot beauty

The flowers of this species bloom in late spring, the petals are large In size and pink in color.

Pink diamond Tulip

With a light purple color.

Tulip anchila

The main highlight of this species Is its unique shape, which resembles The Shape of a star, blooms in all colors except blue, with a fragrant fragrant aroma.

The flaming Tulip Prosima

Purple Prince Tulip.

Single tulip tulips.

The benefits of essential oil extracted from tulips

Essential oil is used in the treatment of depression and stress by putting It in a water bath or massaging the body with it.

It Is used in making cosmetics and skin treatments.

It Is included in the manufacture of creams and ointments due to its moisturizing properties for the skin.

Essential oil is used in the treatment of aging and wrinkles, it also treats blackheads and works to get rid of them.

Essential oil is the most important component of luxury perfumes with a unique aroma.

In the end, each of the colors of the tulip flower has a colorful love message to tell us, as its charm teaches us to love ourselves and those around us and color with happiness as she wears her bright colors and pleases those around her with her beauty.

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