white musk

White musk is one of the oldest and most beautiful types of musk ever. It has a good and fragrant smell at the same time. It is the epitome of beauty and goodness, and its scent remains for a long time. Since ancient times, the Arabs used to use it, so it is one of the most famous and oldest scents around the world.

One of the most important ways to use white musk

It is better to use white musk on the body after taking a hot shower, in order for the pores of the body to be prepared to receive the musk.
White musk is also used by spraying on the body for perfuming.
There is a set of tips that will lead to a long feeling of the smell of musk, which is to put white musk on the area where there is a pulse.
One of the favorite places to put musk is the back of the ear and the neck.

As for the benefits of musk

When using musk, we feel a very distinct and very calm smell, but this is not its only benefit, but rather its benefits are many, including:
Treats some types of toxins

A natural and powerful antiseptic for wounds and also treats infections that affect the body.

It strengthens the muscles of the heart and helps regulate its heart rate.

Helps solve some of the eye problems.

Types of white musk

White musk is extracted from the rocks of the Tibetan mountains, and its color is slightly yellowish, and it has only two types.

Liquid white musk

The advantage of this type is that it gives a soft and cool comfort and is used in the manufacture of moisturizing creams and perfumes.
It is better to use it for women in different areas of the body to lighten the skin and perfume the whole body because it works to remove the bad smell from it.

Solid white musk

The reason why this type is called rigid is because its shape is like cubes and stones, and it is placed in wardrobes in order to perfume it.

It is forbidden to use it on the body to avoid allergy to it because it is manufactured, and it is also used in the manufacture of cosmetics such as deodorants, perfumes and creams.

musky scent

If musk scents are so prevalent in perfumes, it is because they combine two opposites: strength and tenderness.

That is, musk notes can give scents full of aesthetics, as these wonderful and woody notes merged in the best possible way with light perfumes in order to enhance them to fill them with prestige, and these scents are very common in oriental perfumes and are known for their strong character.
In conclusion, we have learned about the methods of using musk and its most important benefits, and we should not forget the smell and types of musk.

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