Wormwood herb with a high effect

Nature has always contained beautiful plants that were used since ancient times to treat various diseases, and with all the development that the era witnessed, man must return again in order to use these plants, especially their use in the process of manufacturing medicines and cosmetics, we will take you a tour of This article introduces you to a kind of these good plants, which is the wormwood plant, which is one of the most important and oldest plants.

Learn about the types of wormwood

Artemisia species spread in large parts of the earth, specifically the temperate regions, and grow widely in North America, the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, and the Mediterranean basin.

Wormwood annual herb

This type can reach a stem of 6-10 feet, and it has only one main stem, from which small branches branch out. The stem turns red in the fall season. Its leaves are feathery, deeply divided into lobes, dark green in color and serrated, with a beautiful fragrant smell. Cluster inflorescences are formed on it bearing small flower heads with a greenish-yellow spherical shape from summer until autumn, which bloom to give small yellow flowers rich in artemisinin.

dendritic wormwood

This aromatic shrub is evergreen or semi-permanent, it can reach a length of four to six feet, its shape is round, with a straight woody stem, it branches out to bear its branches silver-gray hairy leaves, and it is highly sensitive in climates where the temperature is below Freezing point, they die quickly in cold, humid climates.

Artemisia apothecary

One of its most famous names is Al-Baathran. It is one of the aromatic herbs with a long life and dense growth. Several branches branch out from its woody base, bearing short, gray leaves. It prefers to grow in sandy soils. It also spreads in Egypt and along the southern Jordanian-Saudi borders because camels, and in the Sahara desert.

In conclusion, here are the best aromatic solutions that include the distinctive smell of wormwood

Royal Oud aromatic solution

Oud Malaki is a magical solution and an amazing blend that includes a unique aromatic composition that combines luxury and sophistication with a light hint of wormwood for a scent that gives you freshness and vitality.

the components

Top notes: grapefruit, lavender fragrant, and wormwood.

Middle notes: hot spices, tobacco, and leather.

Base notes: amber, oud, black oud.

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