Fragrances that make you fall in love

We are alwayss told that the first impression lasts a long time, many times we are attracted to someone’s qualities or his thinking,but have you ever thought why the scents used by the people around us attract US and attract our attention so much؟

Distinctive smells have a strong factor in attraction between people, women are attracted to perfumes with strong smells, which are used by men, while men are always attracted to the pleasant smells of women, perfumes in general inflame the components of social and emotional warmth, as the notes of love trickle down from the sides of attractive perfumes.

Types of attractive smells


It enhances the feeling of confidence and happiness, and makes warm, long-lasting perfumes from sandalwood, and perfumes made from Sandalwood have remained the preserve of men for a long time.


Vanilla has a scent in which strength and attractiveness are mixed, and most of the time It is used as a finale in the perfume industry, to give a distinctive color of attractiveness.

Violet flower

One of the distinctive flowers that are included in the manufacture of various perfumes with a pleasant smell, characterized by their overlapping colors, and have many types, including Victoria Violet and Brama Violet, Violet is characterized by its soft and pleasant aroma, which is a requirement for many lovers of attractive scents.


Cinnamon is one of the plants that are of interest to many, and it enters the perfume industry with a warm and spicy smell, and it has great appeal among men and women, especially what is used In the cold months, the perfumes that cinnamon enters into its manufacture give us warmth and tranquility.

Catch the night

It Is one of the evergreen plants and is called night Musk because its flowers bloom at the end of the night, its flowers are characterized by Violet and yellow colors, it has an attractive and distinctive aroma that enters into the manufacture of a lot of distinctive perfumes with a pleasant smell.


From expensive precious stones, precious perfumes with an attractive and luxurious aroma are made from it, and It is of great interest to women, especially on special occasions, Amber is one of the most diverse ingredients, as it mixes with several products such as spices and flowers .

Cedar wood

It enters the men’s perfume industry and is characterized by its refreshing and attractive aroma, it is the perfect choice for many men.

Bulgarian rose

One of the most luxurious types of flowers that enter into the manufacture of luxurious and attractive women’s perfumes, which is the choice of a large segment of women who prefer perfumes with scents that are characterized by Glamour, femininity and romance.


The jasmine flower has a pleasant, soft aroma, it gives perfumes, especially women’s, a touch of femininity and beauty, so many ladies who love aromas, soothing and fragrant, prefer it.

Perfumes have always made us feel refreshed, energetic, beautiful, in addition to romantic scents that give a touch of love and beauty to our life and occasions, they are full of different scents that give a color of beauty to our special moments.

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