Materials used In the perfume industry

The perfume industry Is one of the oldest arts for centuries, and with the progress of time, perfumers used many ingredients to manufacture unparalleled perfumes that arouse the consumer’s interest and satisfy his desire for diversity, distinction, and sparkle .
For example, there are some perfumes that are made of expected materials and are somewhat traditional and familiar, such as flowers.
But others are made of materials that are not ordinary and unexpected.

In this article, we mentioned several samples of materials that were used in the manufacture of various types of perfumes.

Food components

Some perfumes are made from unexpected foods such as coffee and chocolate, and they are also made from tobacco. These materials can add a distinctive and catchy scent, which makes them interesting to consumers, and they also make the resulting perfume with a unique character.
There is no doubt that every scent of perfume has an effect that cannot but be taken seriously, which Is to evoke feelings of nostalgia. The scent of perfume Is often associated with a specific memory in people’s minds and stirs some buried feelings or forgotten memories in them.

Synthetic materials

Some perfumes are also made from synthetic materials such as synthetic musk and manufactured Amber.
These two products are prepared by laboratory technicians who prepare them in their laboratories, and since they are manufactured, their smell must be inspired by natural materials, and they are often used to be replaced by animal-derived ingredients, especially since their use enables us to create unusual distinctive smells that are endearing to oneself..

Petroleum substances

Some perfumes are made from some types of synthetic petroleum substances such as tar, diesel and gasoline, also these substances can evoke feelings related to memory and nostalgia for the past or return to a feeling that was at a moment that was forgotten, sending a strange shiver in the soul.

Human secretions

There is no doubt that this is unfamiliar to the mind, but there are already some perfumes manufactured from the secretions of the sweat glands in humans as well as the lacrimal glands, these substances give a long-lasting effect and remain for longer hours than other substances, and there is no doubt that the collection of such substances is done In unethical and illegal ways, so it is advisable to avoid them and replace them with other harmless sources.

Animal secretions

There is no doubt that It is the most exotic source, but indeed there are some perfumes that are made from many animal secretions, such as amber, civet, and musk. Such substances are obtained by the secretions of the glands of some animals. Also, the perfume manufactured from these sources has a long-lasting scent and Its concentration is high.
Also such material Is unethical to obtain,
These animal derivatives have been replaced by industrial alternatives. This is the best for environmental and animal safety.

Dimethyl sulfide

This substance has a pungent and unpleasant smell like onions, as It is extracted from onions, asparagus plants, as well as durian fruits, roses, and a plant called geranium,and we wonder why It was used in the perfume Industry despite its unpleasant smell The reason for this Is that methyl sulfide is naturally found in humid air near the sea, so perfumers tend to add it to their perfumes In order to give it a pure sea smell.

In conclusion, we find that perfumery is more than just an industry like others, but it is a creative and real art that exists by Itself, through which man was able to create a lot of Pleasant, beloved scents in limitless quantities, distinct types, many and unfamiliar sources of the mind, and there is no doubt that the benefit of them is great

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