The best scents and devices for car perfumes

Based on the constant human need to enjoy inhaling the pleasant and beautiful smells around him, we are always looking for the best aromatic solutions to perfume the House, Office and even the car, we have become spending a lot of time inside the car while we are going to work and returning from it or traveling and even while we are going to visit relatives and friends, so keeping the car air fresh and pleasant is essential and inevitable.

We are always looking for the best high-quality and stylish devices that suit the design and size of the car to give us the best results, so we have collected for you In this article the best car scents and made it easier for you to make a lot of effort.follow this article with us to choose the best and most suitable for you and your car.

Car freshenera601

Smile and smile store offers A601 car aromatherapy device with great effectiveness, it leaves the car smelling good for a long time

Specifications of a601 car aromatherapy device

Dimensions 16×5×9 cm

It comes In black and white colors.

Works via USB CABLE.

The material Is plastic

Features of the a601 car aromatherapy device

The aromatherapy device is available in a stylish and attractive form that matches the design of the car from the inside
It Is highly effective as it will eliminate all unwanted odors.

It Is available with four timings for the device to work.

Brown Orchid, crystal and mid-night car perfume collection

Smile and smile car perfume collection also offers the best scents for more enjoyable commutes and trips

Aromatic solutions included
Brown Orchid

Top notes: pear, mandarin, orange.
Middle notes: jasmine, lily of the Valley, cashmere
Base notes: amber, sandalwood.


Top notes: bergamot, peach, apple
Middle notes: jasmine, lily of the Valley
Base notes: caramel, Musk.


Top notes: pineapple, orange, bergamot, mandarin.
Middle notes: neroli, jasmine, rose, musk, and yallang
Base notes: cedar wood, patchouli, musk, and Amber.

The capacity of each package is 15 ml

Harmony, Boreale and Royal promises car perfume collection

Aromatic solutions included


Lavender and Jasmine aromas with galapnium aromas sum up the whole warm sensations

They fade little by little to reveal In the middle: about delicate and warm tones of fragrant jasmine and Iris with rose petals

And endings: it smells of vetiver with apricot to elevate you to a place filled with love, tranquility and tranquility.


Top notes: Orange

Middle notes: Musk, plum

Base notes: Jasmine

Royal lute:

Top notes: grapefruit, fragrant lavender, Wormwood.

Middle notes: spicy spices, tobacco, leather.

Base notes: Amber, oud,, black oud.

The capacity of each package is 15 ml

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