The scent of happiness

The old saying goes: “there is always a little fragrance left on the hand that offers flowers.”

In simple words, It means that the fragrance sticks, that is, it evokes a strong feeling, an indelible emotion, a vivid memory.

The sense of smell Is probably the most special because it has the ability to take you back to a place or time recorded deep In your memory .

Fragrance story

Perfumes are interesting because each perfume writes a unique story.

An acidic fragrance with hints of lemon alwayss suggests freshness.

As for the smell of lavender, it takes you to a time when you were comfortable and happy, and as soon as you inhale the smell of mint, you feel the purity of the image and remember the early morning moments when you were at the height of you’re activity and vitality.

You can say with certainty that each fragrance has Its own story, and as perfumes come together in families, each fragrance becomes a part of you.

Perfume is the art of memories

The perception of some fragrances is common to everyone. So the Rose Perfume pleases everyone, and the smell of Moss at the bottom of the river also suggests Musk.

For example, the smell of rice cakes may be familiar to Asians, not Europeans, and, conversely, the smell of pine trees may be interesting to those who live in the northern part of the globe, and not so much to those who live In the southern regions .

This is the reason why each fragrance is unique, that Is, it is the sum of your experiences and memories, similar to a unique fingerprint.

The most beautiful fragrances and the formulation of emotions

For almost 70 years, perfumers have not only created thousands of unrivaled Oriental and French fragrances, they have become part of the memories of hundreds of thousands of our customers.

And every time you sip a beautiful fragrance, it brings back to your reality a feeling that was buried In your imagination.

Fragrance is a force, fragrance is a phenomenon, that’s why we continue to invent, develop and formulate scents that cannot be forgotten. We create perfumes to take a fundamental role in the emotional reality of people’s lives, and we create perfumes that evoke inspiration and are immersed in originality by opening new paths between fragrance and feelings.

In general, the senses are your essence. And the most beautiful expert in understanding this .

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